Friday, October 4

Seeing What's Eternal

October is here.
Friday is here.
Everyone shout hooray.
This week flew by.

I have big plans for this month.
As you can see here:

 My craft pile.
Lots of projects floating around in the head.
Fall makes me want to go shopping.
You too?
I want new everything...
Pillows and flowers and sweaters and boots.

But, the budget does not permit,
and truth be told, I have more than enough
of every single thing I need.
everything. need. ugh.
except bread. we are out of bread.
I swear I buy 5 loaves a week.
Where does it go?

Anyway, this morning my prayer was to love what I have
and to have eternal eyes to see what's real.
to love what's real.
and not all the plasticky, pretty stuff around me.

And here's the thing.
Beauty is important.
I used to try to deny it's importance.
But honestly, beauty makes me happy.
And God is the creator of all things beautiful.
One look at the striking beauty of the world around us
makes it obvious that God has a huge appreciation for beauty.
He makes it a priority.

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

The desire to surround myself with beauty is natural and
normal and okay and given to me by God.
Appreciating the beauty around me is okay.
Working to create beautiful things fills up my heart and
makes me happy and satisfied like nothing else in this world.
It's a gift from my creator.

The desire to go out and spend $2000 at Pottery Barn to make
 my house look like a catalog is not of God.
Coveting other people's stuff is not of God.
Wanting more and more fill in the blank
 fabric, paint, art supplies, etc.
when I have a whole garage full is not of God.
Comparing is not of God.

We are all in this together and we are all fighting a hard battle.
And I will never be completely satisfied here in this life.

I am working this out in my heart as I write.
I love how sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking until I see
 what comes out and then I think oh. wow. That was all in there.

So my challenge:
Make beauty out of the abundance of stuff I already have.
Do not spend a dime. Get creative.
Love what has been entrusted to me,

Here's my beauty...

 Enjoying the last days of summer.

 Mimi and Joshy hanging out.

Joshy perfecting his duck face.

A picnic at the beach park.

 And a little play.

 Uncle Sean gets the boys all worked up...

right before bed.
We love you, Uncle Sean.

Hope you find beauty in where you are and
what you have in this moment.


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  1. This is such a wonderful post and I need to read it often. I love the paragraph where you tell what IS of God and what is clearly NOT. It's so easy to go in the NOT realm, which I Thank you for this post.