Friday, December 27

InstaFriday: Christmas Edition

We really do. 
I hope you had/are having a Merry Christmas, friends.

Behold: Christmas pictures.
Thank goodness they only come once a year
because no one would survive it any more frequently.

Kari took these photos and she is amazing 
because my kids were not at their best awful. Of course.
We bribed Slurpees and threatened time outs 
and begged and pleaded.

Joshy had been cranky all day and Jack gets nervous and
 has this self-protective scowl when he's uncomfortable.
Lovely for pictures.
I seriously can't believe these turned out so well.I love them.
With very little to work with.
They were awfully behaved.
I'm not being humble. 
it was just one of those days.
She completely captured their personalities.

Jack: a little old man
serious, always thinking, curious, skeptical, slow to warm up

Joshy: the cutest little clown you ever did see
silly, carefree, social, so squeezable, and grumpy at the drop of a hat.
Stop looking at me.

Anyway, Kari, you are amazing and we are so thankful for your talent!

And for the rest of the holiday... 

We forgot about Santa until December 23rd, 
along with everyone else who forgot to see him. 
My mom and I took turns waiting in line and strolling the kids around the mall.
Jealous much?
But we were on a mission, and we got it. Ha!
That's all I have to say.

They look like they're praying here.
Joshy: Hey Santa, let me tell you what this whole Christmas thing is really about. 
Can I pray for you? Let's all hold hands and bow our heads...

This was the best attempt we could get of the kids in front of the tree. 
Thank you Joshy.

 I'm kind of impressed with myself this year. 
It's the first year I've manged to have decent pajamas 
on the kids for pictures on Christmas morning.

It was the Christmas of 1,000 trains. 
Jack likes them. Josh is obssessed.
He has only put down his little plastic Thomas once in three days.
And that was to take a bath.

Christmas with the cousins...

Josh is trying to kiss and hug Kayleigh.

and here is one of my favorite pics from Christmas.

I don't think daddy ever stopped building on Christmas day

Joshy has to help. Always.

We had some visitors at our Christmas breakfast

and we got a special delivery from Texas. The best! 
Thank you Auntie Cami & Uncle Steve.

One of Jacks favorite things to do at Christmas is go by the singing house. 
It really sings. It's amazing. The kids love it.

I haven't created anything for fun in a long while and my mind and heart 
are about ready to burst open with thoughts and ideas and creations.


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