Tuesday, January 21

I Love Us: Free Valentine's Day Printable Banner

Valentine's Day is coming up and,
while there are a lot of haters out there,
I love this day. LOVE it.

I love it for it's meaning. Not romantic love,
but who doesn't love a day dedicated to telling the
people in your life how much you love them?

I love it for it's low expectations.
No one really expects anything, so anything you do is a win.

I love it for it's inexpensive, simple pleasures.
paper hearts, little candies, and you can call it a day.
No overspending or the stress that comes along with it.

 And I love red.
So, there ya have it.

I made a Valentine's Day banner for our family and yours.
Print it out, cut it apart, punch holes in the top, hang it & enjoy.

Print a minibanner here.

 Print Page 1 here.

Print page 2 here.




  1. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing it! Unfortunately, I'm only able to print page 1. The other pages say access denied.