Friday, February 21

Ready for spring. Bright and Easy Spring Flower Collages

I'm kinda ready for everything spring.
I had so much fun making these heart collages,
that I decided to make some simple little flowers.

I love the texture of the wood and canvas 
burlap and paper together.

Plus, the boys are *finally* getting into painting and making with me.
Most kids live for this stuff, right?
When I was pregnant I had dreams of hand print turkeys 
and egg carton caterpillars, and do you think my boys have
 wanted anything to do with making? No thanks, mom.

So, one day while I was painting, Josh started painting with me 
and then Jack took notice and started too.

So I had them paint a bunch watercolor paper for collages for me.

Then we did what every good artist does when s/he is done...
took a dance break.

Here's what you you do to make these little cuties:
1. Get your kids to paint different 
colors and shades of watercolor paper. 

*Here's a little trick to make your children's 
paintings not turn out the color of poop: 
Only give them 2-3 colors and white.
It will turn out beautiful. I promise.
When they ask for brown or black hide it and lie, 
Hmmm, I'm don't know where those are.

2. Prep the wood scraps.
(You can refer to my heart tutorial here.)
First, get 7 months pregnant and decide to sell your art at shows.
Then go to the brink of insanity and decide that might not be the
right thing for you and your family right now.
Dismantle your display unit that you built and
chop them up in random sizes.
Drill holes in the top. Easy, right?!?

The easier & cheaper version:
This should cost you $3 tops.
Go to the wood scrap pile at Home Depot.
Pick out a few nice pieces, go home, and chop them up.
Paint them & adhere little pieces of burlap with Mod Podge.

3. Add little pieces of canvas
with Mod Pdge.

4. Make flowers
Cut out circles and leaves and shapes from
 the watercolor paper from step one.
Play with color and shape and texure.

5. Dance! 
Cuz your almost done.

6. String them up!
Individually, or together,
these little cuties will make you long for spring.

Happy Friday, friends.
We are off to the park to burn some energy and keep mommy sane!



  1. This entire post made me smile. I love this banner and after 12 inches of fresh snow and stuck in the house, I think I need to make one. Your art is always so inspiring and it is sunshine to my heart. Thanks Erin! :-)

  2. Joy! This was fun! I love your creative kiddos and you!

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