Thursday, March 6

DIY Welcome Mat: Happiness on a Mat

Hi friends,
Life has been full over here,
but I thought I'd take a break to show you one of my latest impromptu
projects because I kind of couldn't believe that it worked.
It's my new welcome mat.
The one that leads from the garage into the kitchen.
The we use about a million trillion times a day.

I've been wanting to try this ever since I went looking for a 
cheap AND attractive welcome mat and found 
that they don't exist. At least not where I shop. 
So, I decided to experiment with spray paint and...
it worked! I hafta say, I kinda love these.

***Please bare in mind before attempting this tutorial:***
I'm not one for details or perfection. I don't have the time or patience.
So if you're looking for that, you won't find it here. 
I do have lots of creativity and figuring things out.
That's what I do.

So, first wrangle up all of your worn out welcome mats. 
*I was able to turn this Christmas mat over! Double duty.
These were old worn out.
*Tip: Ross has the cheapest mats I've seen. They are only $6-$7.

I'll take you through each one...

A door mat
Different colors of spray paint
Posterboard (to use as a stencil)

DIY Welcome Mat

*If your mat has a design on it, spray it with 2 coats of white or brown spray paint. 
Let the paint dry in between coats. It should cover up the current design. 

Then, spray paint a heart on the mat.
Mine's not really centered. I don't care.
Still makes me happy.

Cut out a heart shape out of posterboard & tape it to the mat.
Spray stripes in different colors

And spray some more.
Spray close to the mat to get a more defined line.
Each line needs at least two coats.

And that's it.
There you have it, friends.

Happiness on a mat .


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