Wednesday, September 23

Baby's First Birthday

Is there anything better than a cozy coupe & vacuum popper? The one year old birthday gifts were a hit. This baby is in heaven.

Faith, Hope, Love Series

This is my faith, hope, love series. I used a brayer forthe first time to create the background. I got the idea from Kelly Rae Roberts book Taking Flight. She has great tips for technique and inspiration.

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

So, my mantra as a sixth grade teacher was always...

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

whispered to me over andover again by dear, sweet Eleanor Roosvelt, whom I hold close to my heart. I just love this woman, and this quote has always rang true in my life: my first year teaching 5th grade in Los Angeles, moving across the ocean to teach in Hong Kong, and beginning to run.

It seems the minute I finally come to the place where I say to myself, "I can't (fill in the blank)" I know what I need to do,what I have to do... easy to say. hard to do. well I 've come to this place again...

only this time with blogging...Reading blogs is so fun and so easy. I'm unabashadly addicted. But writing a that's a completely different story...

Okay, so, up until now, I have written about 30 blogs and looked at the looming PuBLisH button and ran the other direction.

There are so many similarities between creating art, blogging, and being naked:
They are vulnerable.
They require a piece of me.
They require me to be honest. I can't fake it.
They bring out all of the inner critic screaming, "Your thighs are tree trunks."

and it's just like this mountain I have to climb and I get to this spot where I push and push and feel the burn, and it's painfuland I hate it, and finally I reach the top... and there is nothing more thrilling and satisfying. The pain and the sweat was so worth it.

The blogging journey is very similar to the painting journey. It's painful and scary and thrilling and liberating... but most of all it'svulnerable.

You really can't fake it or else it comes out lame and just embarrassing.

I think I've been trying to write as this person I wish I was (you know, the woman who is up at 5:00 to jog 5 miles with her golden and her 2 kids in toe, cleans out her fridge on a regular basis, and always wears accessories to match her lipstick). I'm just thankful to brush my teeth and not get otu the door with something, that's not too wrinkled & doesn't have to be ironed.

So here's my plan: I'm just going to start writing a little each day about my "small moments" in the most honest way I can. I'mgoingto teach myself to write,day by day,post by post, just like my kindergarteners learn.
I think I learned once, but I feel like I've forgotten everything I ever learned. I feel like I don't even know what good writing is. I know it when I read it, (like every singlepost from wienerdogtricks & kellyraeroberts) hilarious and inspiring, inthat order, but I couldn't tellyou how to get there...

So, the journey begins...

Tuesday, September 22

A Few of my Favorite Words

Part One: Life LXXXIX

A WORD is dead

When it is said,

Some say.

I say it just

Begins to live

That day.

Emily Dickinson (1830–86).

If writing is all about gluing words together in new ways that make me giggle... I need to get some really great words... and so my journey beings...
(I've also been reading some really hilarious, helpful, inspiring blogs with ubercool names and pictures and I'm drooling in my coffee...)

So, I have to admit I really want an ubercool blog name too (pick me! pick me!) so I went on a hunt for words toget some ideas...
Try it. Send me your favorite words. I just googled "verbs" and here are some verbs that make me happy... I kind of made a poem out of them. Here it is:

Verbs I Like Poem
accept. admire. appreciate
gather. giggle. glow.
sip. satisfy. scribble.
start. finish. just finish something, for goodness sake…
listen (as in: stop talking and)
connect. care. color. camp.
reflect. rejoice. relax. radiate.
pray. paint. play.
wander. wish. whisper.
encourage. enjoy
snuggle. sip. nest.
invest. give. grow.
delight. discover. dream.
hope. hold. overflow
take the leap.
live. learn.

My mind is running amuck with ideas forpaintings right now...
What are your favorite words?

What Matters Most

Baby and daddy throwing rocks at Lake Arrowhead

As much as I try to write about my art and make this an art blog I keep coming back to what matters most, what I am most intensely thankful for: my baby boy & my husband, who both surprise me every day. I get to be mommy and wife to these two precious souls. Corny as it sounds, it’s really an amazing thing. We grow and learn and love and share life together. This is by far the hardest and sweetest thing I’ve ever attempted. So worth it…