Monday, October 19

Blogging inspiration...

I've finally snuck in some timeto catch up on myfavorite blogs and i am SO inspired to go create stuff. Holy cow. the creativity and inventiveness of my sisters out there blows me away and awakens my creative self to go create, create, create... scones, Halloween yumminess, little triangle fabric banners. I can't stand it. My mind is about to explode from all of these ideas floating around.

Here is what I'm loving right now, are you ready?

1. One of these nifty fabric banners for my booth at the Carlsbad Street Fair on Nov. 1 (just 13 days and counting!) yikes. I better get painting and creating...

2. These yummy scones for the family and my dear partner in kindergarten: the lovely Alice, who is coming over to play and drink hot beverages with and the little one tomorrow.

3. These beautiful (maybe personalized?) stationery sets made from hand carved wooden stamps. Just the thought of carving astamp makes me heart leap with possibility. I haven't carved a stamp since 7th grade at Diegueno Jr. high with Mr. Hawkins. I remember it vividly...

4. These luscious Halloween creatures (yum is all I can say). I want myhouse to look like this.

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