Sunday, October 25

Thoughts on HOME...

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”
Matsuo Basho

As I'm madly getting ready for my 2nd Street Fair and trying not to completely neglect my family and get some amount of sleep... I'm so caught up and inspired by the possibilities of so many ideas...

Home is the idea that I keep coming back to...
Because I've been home full time, spending time with my 14 month old (my kindergarteners are on a 2 week vacation)I've been thinking about being intentional about what kind of home I want to create for my husband & my baby & myself & my friends & family...

I'm so thankful for our physical home. It's a gift from God. I really never expected or thought we would get a real home, here in Southern California, and it is a definite financial stretch, to say the least, but it really is a dream come true... it's where we want to be, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We've been here for a little over a year and it so feels like home to us. But even more than the paint & wood & pictures on the wall...

As I explore this idea of home I can't help but think...
What kind of home do I want to create?

love... but really, I mean what does that mean? what does that look like?
uniquely us
hot coffee & chocolate chip cookies
hand made stuffs
photos everywhere

We get to make our home whatever we want it to be...or at least try to make it what we want it to be...
Our own little nest.
Our place of possibility.
Our sanctuary from the world.
Our place of love & acceptance.
Our place of connection where we are intimately known & celebrated.

Really, anything is possible... we are the makers of our home... with a lot of wisdom and patience and help from Jesus...

I'm off to create... I'll be back very soon...

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