Monday, March 8


I just read this post from one of my favorite blogging friends in the world and it made me smile... as her stuff always does.
Ginger at wiener dog tricks...
i realize that i often like the romantic notion of things more than the reality.

Case in point: our beagle.
i wanted a dog so, so, so bad.
i wanted the idea of a dog.
but the reality of a dog.
different story.
the poop in the yard.
the dog hair in my fridge.
the brand new expensive things that look like chewed up hell two days later.
worst of all, the great big sad pleading puppy dog eyes begging for attention that i just didn't have to give. i just didn't have anything left.

she really was the most adorable dog I think I've ever seen. but too much.
so we both had a good, hard weekend of tears and found her a good home.

my whole point is, now i ask myself...
is the reality that i want, or the fantasy?

because the blogs i love the very most are the ones that don't make me feel small or big, but the ones that make me feel known. and that requires some vulnerablitly and some failures, which take courage, and being okay with that.

Brene Brown at ordinary courage has some great things to say about this too...
that's all...

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  1. Yep, the idea of the thing is sometimes much nicer than the reality!!