Tuesday, May 11

You can't get what you want til you know what you want.

Arfest Revelation #63:
What do I want?

Me: In a perfect wolrd, like a dream world... what would your artful life look like?

Angel: Ummmmm... let me think about it. What about you?

Me: Let me think about it...

I'm still thinking about it.
I thought I knew.
But now I know that...
I don't know.

And I think that's big for me because it makes me give up control.
It makes me open to letting my art take me where it wants to go.
It makes me open to God's plans for me, which I know in my brain are so much better than my plans for myself, but my hands keep clinching my own plans so tightly that it's hard to remember.
It loosens my grip on this gift He's given me and allows room for Him to work.

Somewhere in the Bible(Like the way I quote scripture?)it says...
we wait with eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed...
and isn't that a way more fun way to live?
with eager expectation.
not knowing what God will do each day.

Oh, and it helps me stop this ridiculous striving.
enough already with the striving.
sheesh, you're killin' me.

just make art for art sake.
make art because it's your gift
and gifts are meant to be given away.
make art to make the world pretty.
make art to show the love of God.
make art to avoid folding the laundry.
make art to make yourself smile.

Anyone else struggle with striving instead of being?
or are all you guys past (passed?) that?

I have a secret to tell you.
Just you and only you.
Comments make me so happy.
Really, really happy.
Like when you get an email in your box that says "notification of payment received". that happy.
Like when you're new and alone with no one to eat lunch with
and then someone asks you to eat with them.
that happy.
That's what comments do for me.
And they're free.
I'm just sayin'.

These altered photos on wood were spontaneously inspired by the Port Townsend Coastline. It is so beautiful and so different then our coast line down here in San Diego. I loved the cold, windy, rocky, rugged coast with the pine trees everywhere. Beautiful, I tell you


  1. Oh, I love these photos. I think you showed some of them to me at Artfest? They are beautiful. I had a walk on the same beach, but my pictures didn´t turn out as good as yours. I like what you´re doing with the ripping and the plywood and the drilled holes, and am excited to see where you´re taking this! :-)
    Angel or not. Sometimes it´s useful to do what you have planned to do, and other times it´s good to be open to whatever comes. Having art as a job, you can´t base yourself on only working when inspiration hits you. I have a mental "idea-bank". Whenever I DO get inspired, I store all the ideas in the bank, so that I can "withdraw" one when I need one to get some work done. It sounds strange, but it pretty much works for me.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Comments make me happy, too. I've been absent for so long that I didn't think I would get any. (My daughter thinks it's really cool to be "absent." When she was home sick she said, "Does this mean I get to be absent?" with a delighted look on her face. Early dismissal gets the same reaction.)

    Your photographs are beautiful, I love what you're doing with them, too. Is that Port Townsend? I'm embarrassed to say that for all the times I've been there - I've never been on the beach! (And we live just 2 hours away!) Maybe someday when I get to ArtFest I will make it to the water's edge.

    Happy day to you!

  3. Erin, how wonderful to hear from you, thank you for your comments on my blog. I love blog hopping, but as usual, I've conditioned myself to push what a I love to do to the end save it for last, like an awesome dessert; and often I find I don't have room for it after all the anticipation.

    I still strive, but it's a good kind of strive. I'm in my senior years and what they say about them is so gain lots of wrinkles but you gain so much peace right along with them. My striving is truly for my souls wings now, not for status, money, a vacation, raising kids, or cleaning house (my house and your house would like each other)

    I adore what you've done with the found objects! Isn't it a blast to turn everday stuff into incredible pieces of art like you've created?!!

  4. Erin, I love this post! And your mixed media background post. And I can see there is so much more I want to read here so I'll be back. I think I'm following you now. I can't figure out the follow on some blogs so I hope I got it right.

  5. I recognize that driving the curvy roads to Port Townsend, you: answering and asking questions. Great conversations. I'd love to be sharing a coffee with you about now and discussing this great post of yours. words of wisdom. words ringing true.
    Recognize those photos too! sigh.
    AND..what I also recognized instantly - was YOUR art in Somerset Studio magazine!!! Just flippin' through one yesterday in B&N. Very cool Erin! Be proud, be happy, be fulfilled in that moment, I know you are. xoxo