Tuesday, July 13

Just Start!

I started this blog kicking and screaming.
putting off.
making excuses.
why I can't.
or didn't need to.
until I finally broke down
and did it.
i just started.

i turned one blog year old on July 5.

This blogging adventure has paralleled to my art making.
It's really scary at first.
Like the new kid in school
shouting out to the blogosphere:
Here I am!
all exposed
and vulnerable.
Ummm, wanna play?

and gremlins come out
Really Erin?
Who's gonna wanna hear about your art?
Who's gonna wanna see your art?
You don't evenknow what to say.
You don't have anything to say.
Who's gonna really read what you say?

And you have to shush them
over and over again.
I can already hear the voice of encouragement from Eleanor.
Until you just start.
With anything.
It doesn't have to be brilliant.
you just have to do it.

you take the first step and feel really silly.
and you post about your baby way too much.
and you sit and lurk.
at other blogs
from afar.
until finally you finally make a comment.
and she comments back.

And you realize once again...
I can do this.
This isn't so hard.
This is actually fun.
I think I love this.
All just because you started.
Note to self:
Just start!


  1. Beautiful and encouraging! I'm so glad you did....your blog is a joy:) -Jennifer

  2. Wow, you and I seem to have a lot in common! I teach second grade by day, and do art and not enough housekeeping by night. Except in the summer. Now I do lots of art and no speak of. :) I will when it's not so hot, right?! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment.♥

  3. I love your style Erin, really nice!

  4. i want to hear what you want to say!!
    (& paint & shine!). xo
    happy blog birthday!

  5. Happy Bloggiversary! I love your paintings and I check for new ones almost everyday. Thanks for sharing this part of yourself and the inspiration you give!