Tuesday, July 13

A Gift for Linda

Since school has been out
I have been able to paint my heart out
in the middle of the night
any day of the week I want.
And it is really, really liberating.
Such a great escape.
It feels like I grow wings and can fly.

Painting, especially in mixed media,
is so satisfying.
Like play.
I love that there are no rules.
It challenges me to take risks +
get out of my little safe spot.

I've been catching up
with all of the paintings
I have promised to people
throughout the year.

This one is for Linda.
The daughter of our dear family friend, Don.
She is celebrating 5 years of being cancer free.
He gave me her favorite verse
and free reign to paint whatever.
Sweet, sweet father.

Brings me to tears.
It's such an honor
to be in on these special moments.
I feel so trusted,
like I get to be a part
of something really
intimate + special.

Such a blessing.
When we give our gifts away,
we are always, always
Without fail.
Even when we can't see it.
The blessing is there.


  1. What a lovely picture, and what a special story to go with it. I am sure Linda will appreciate it. And I am glad you get much painting-time for yourself, I know how fulfilling that can be :-)

  2. praise god for her being cancer free.
    praises also for your clear gifts
    in loving & creating & swimming in
    the deep joy.
    your blog is a wonderland.