Sunday, September 19

Finding Divine Inspiration

I'm reading this book
The author talks about living a
listening lifestyle
Taking time to sit and listen
to the still, small voice.

so that's my challenge this week.
to sit.
and listen.
when I do,
my day is completely different.
I have different eyes.
different ears.
a different heart
for the people around me.

I have patience
that doesn't come from me.
My friend Mary inspired me
to take an online class.
She is such an inspiration.
Always learning,
always growing.

So I signed up for 
 silly drawing class.
She is a complete delight.

I fell for Carla
and fine point Sharpies
when I took her workshop
at Artfest last spring.
to sit and doodle and create
for the sake of creating
and just for fun.

her silly style 
 opens up creative doors for me.  
It allows me to take risks
and discover different parts of myself
and most importantly:
It's fun.
and simple.
mixed media can be so involved. 
so many steps:
painting some more...
it can take months to create a finished piece.

It is so satifying to sit down
and be finished
in a matter of minutes
and move on to something different.

Saturday, September 18

We are getting into the school routine over here.
I'm trying my best to be a good mom
 and come home from work and get outside
and take walks and paint
and sing and dance
and build towers
and do floor puzzles
when i really just want to collapse.

Art has been slow and
in short, wild spurts.
so many ideas floating around,
waiting to materialize.
and I'm being patient.
trying to hang onto them
until I can bring them to life.

And I keep telling myself
that all of this busyness
is just a season.
a short season.

I keep telling myself not to wish it away.
To cherish it and hold on to it.
not an easy thing to do
when all I really want to do
is lock myself in my studio for 
weeks on end and create and create. 

I just found some of my very first paintings.
So fun to look back and see growth
in this journey.  

May you spend your days well.

Friday, September 10


I came home from a very long day full of little kindergarten hands to this:

a baby grand piano
in the middle of the living room.
Is he Schroeder or what?
uhhh...happy birthday Jack.
thank you aunt cami.

i'll think of some wonderful way
to get you for this!

Monday, September 6

Figuring it out...

I'm still trying to this figure out:
full time work,
making myself get some physical activity,
time to sit and play garage with my toddler,
not falling into depression,
time to takl to my husband, 
making time to create,
making healthy meals for my family,
having some semblance of a quiet time...

Now I realize,
once again, what took me so long
to start creating:
time and space.

I've been working full time since college.
I didn't "have" time.
No. I didn't make time.
Now I realize that I have to make time.
It's not a luxury.
Making has become a necessity.

I know that you know this struggle too,
whether you work outside the home,
or inside, or have kids, or have pets.
I know that this struggle for time
is always the challenge,
I just want to know how you manage?
What do you do to make time where there is none?

These little guys are hanging in Jack's room
and every morning he says,
"Hello little puppies."
He loves them.
I think I'll start painting more of them
because they make me happy.