Saturday, February 19

Good Times & Girly Prints

Celebrate good times
come on.
I'm celebrating.
over the moon.

I just reached my 200th sale on etsy
 and that, my friends, is a dream come true.
Just wanted to share my joy & celebrate with you!

A word of encouragement:
if you have an etsy shop.
It can be really discouraging.
I didn't make my first sale until 2 months after I opened.
I had forgotten I even had a shop.

Even after that, it was slow. super slow.
like maybe selling a print or two a month slow.
but little by little
month by month
business started to pick up.
honestly, it still surprises me when
people pay money to buy my art.
I don't know if that will ever go away.
I still think: really?!?!

I just wanted to say
thank you
thank you
thank you
sweet, kind blogging friends.


if it is slow right now,
just keep on going.
don't give up.
slow & steady
said the tortoise.


  1. Wonderful art with perfect quotes!

  2. Awesome Erin... 200 sales is FANTASTIC.... so happy for you... and thank you for the encouragement... I needed to hear that... slow and steady... I won't forget...

    Jenny x

  3. Congratulations, Erin! Nice to hear from you this morning. I have been thinking a lot about you. I had parent-teacher conferences this week. Thursday was so lo-o-o-ong with teaching 24 students all day, then staying until 8:06 p.m (yep) for back-to-back 14 conferences only having to wake up Friday to more. But, celebrate! They all went well and now I am on vacation for the next full week!!!!! Time to celebrate progress in many areas of my life, too. I am hopeful and I am going to rest and play. I have also been thinking about this being the final third of the school year, when students "make it or break it". That LIGHT goes on and we see the progress we hoped and worked hard to achieve. I had some wonderful, inspiring teacher moments from 3 more students this week. Happy rest of the school year to you, and congrats again on your lovely etsy shop filled with inspiring beautiful art!♥♥ K

  4. Congratulations, my friend! So happy for you. And what a wonderful affirmation for us all. Our art has a place in this world.

    Happy Saturday to you <3

  5. Congratulations! A wonderful inspiration.

  6. Congratulations!!!!! What a great accomplishment Love your Art:O) Have an awesome week Erin:O)

  7. Congratulations Erin. That is such wonderful news. You must be over the moon, I know I would be. Well done my cyberspace friend. =)

    Love your artwork here. Just love it.

    Kyles =D

  8. Congratulations! IT can be very discouraging to sell on etsy. I feel like a little fish in a big ol' pond. Your hard work has really paid off. I love your newest illustration too!

  9. I love the birdies!
    I can totally relate, I'm right around 200 too...
    Your work is so charming! :)