Saturday, February 19

I heart George & Abe

I love February.
Not only is it a love fest,
but I get to talk about George and Abe
I am a big nerd when it comes to these guys.
I heart them both.

Kids love learning about them.
I love teaching about them.
and you know what I love even more?
4 day weekends.

Most people will find this really boring. 
But, if you have a crush on George Washington, too
this is a great documentary.
probably not going to go viral.
but interesting.


  1. love these pictures i must post some of Abe too!

  2. Those are really good, detailed pictures of George, too, Erin! Wow! I love the red, white & blue handprints! You're too sweet. I have a thing for Benjamin Franklin...we share a birthday!

  3. haha! you are so cute Erin!
    i can't say that i've ever crushed on Abe or George.
    i'll have to think about that one. maybe i've been missing out!!! :)

  4. There is nothing sweeter than a child's art! Those drawings are too cute. :) When I taught first grade we always did the hand print flags too. Adorable.

  5. Your kindergarten kids recognize your passion and it shines through them daily. Maggie came home a few weeks ago talking all about the Statue of "Liver-tee" and the "Liver-tee" Bell and now every bird in the sky is a bald eagle! So cute! It makes me so happy that you bring this energy and love into the classroom and warms my heart that you share their work on your blog. All your children are truly blessed to have you in their lives! You are an exceptional teacher, an exceptional artist and an exceptional woman.