Friday, February 25

Play time.

I finally got a few hours in the studio to play
and I am a new woman.

It's been so long since I've really played.
really explored. really had fun.
really not cared about the outcome
just enjoyed the process of creating.

(Here are the crazy canvases I started with.)

Fall was hard.
I went back to work full time.
I got pregnant in September, which is a  blessing,
but I went into about a 3 month coma after that.

School. home. eat. asleep by 7:00
couldn't even make it to Jeopardy.
This was about all I could manage for 
October, November, December 

(I added a layer of paint.)

In January I came back to life
but spent every waking moment finishing this big commission
and other projects I had promised since way before my coma.

(Then some paper.)

I'm not complaining (I think)
because I'm so thankful for the work.
but that's what it was:
more work.
a labor of love,
but labor nonetheless.

so now that I am (almost) caught up with my promises 
(I have 5 baby gifts & a birthday gift to go)
I spent some time doing what I do best:

Never underestimate the value of play.
Mystele has so many wonderful things to say about this,
but it really takes me to this place
where there's no have tos
just pure fun.

(I wasn't sure where to go next, so I stopped. for now.)

I'm trying really hard to work quickly & intuitively.
To hold it loosely in my hands.
To let myself experiment.
To not overthink.
And it's fun.


  1. Play time is the best isn't it? These pieces are so fun. Love them. I don't blame you one bit being worn out. The fact that you are doing anything is amazing. A teacher, a mom and preggers. wow! You inspire me!

  2. Love the colors -they make me think spring! and Abe and George are pretty cute too... and yes I saw your exemplar in the Somerset issue too. It's always nice to get that unexpected surprise in the mail. I don't think they photographed my piece very well, but not complaining. Visited my dad last week and came home to 6 inches of snow. No school yesterday and late start today so I better get going. Have a great restful, creative weekend.

  3. I truly LOVE this post, Erin. I will read it again. I love your thinking, your writing, your honesty, your play. Thanks for visiting, too. I appreciate it. ~Kath

  4. LOVE them! and LOVE the colors! can't wait to see what you do with them. if anything... they're beautiful just the way they are. glad you're feeling better and more alive. :)

  5. So glad you had those "Neverland" moments
    and played with all your heart:):):)
    Such a brave and bold thing to do.
    And be.
    I can feel the joy and strength from here!
    Happy weekend,

  6. loved seeing the process...i don't use paper very much in my paintings, think i am going to try more of produces such cool results. looking forward to seeing how you finish these.

    so glad you got some playtime's really important to do!!

  7. Oooh I really like these!! I love the 'word' stems - gorgeous!