Monday, April 25

Card Catalog Makeover Tutorial: A Love Story

This is the card catalog from my school.
The elementary school I teach at.
Built in 1950.

I have drooled over this piece of
 solid wooden goodness
ever since I first laid eyes on it.
8 years ago.

I brought my class in the library.
 As they swarmed around the computers
this lovely little dish sat alone on the wall.
alone. unoticed.  untouched.

So when it was time to renovate the library I knew it was my time to pounce.
I walked in the library one day and literally saw it on the {take} table.
I checked with the librarian and ran to get the custodian to hide it for me
{I didn't want to take any chances.}
And then skipped around all day with a card catalog song in my heart.
One problem: my studio was packed to the max with stuff, stuff, stuff.
As was my garage and the rest of my house.

I knew I could not keep both her and my husband
unless I already had a cleared out space for her
and I could show that she could actually save space.

And almost a year later, here she sits in my studio.
True love.

Card Catalog Makeover Tutorial

First, I took the big metal rods out

and covered  the front of the drawers
with text from an old book
and, of course Mod Podge.
I filled the little name plate part
with a piece of card stock.

When all of the drawers were out
I painted the whole thing with black acrylic paint.
I added a little white paint with a paper towel
and mushed it around to make it more interesting.

Then I added a trim of text with Mod Podge

and a little collage of paper to add color to the side.
And I filled it with supplies.

And Vwah-lah! She's done.
This same collagey make over can be done with
just about any piece of furniture.

I used the same process for my recipe box tutorial.
Pretty soon anything that doesn't move will have a
 layer of paint, Mod Podge & paper...

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  1. what a wonderful piece to have in your work desk! and to think it was free! i love it!

  2. Exactly like my husband, find a space before you bring it home! :) You did an awesome job. I would never had thought to use the card catalog in that way. What a great decor addition to your studio!!

  3. I love it! Isn't it amazing what a little paint and some Mod Podge can do. :)

  4. wow that is a great find girl!! Love it!!!


  5. Hmmm- I might have to steal this idea! love it...and I have a painfully plain dull unpainted wood ribbon rack screaming for some color...thought about painting it...but adding some paper too- that's just COOL! :)