Thursday, April 28

In the Studio: Getting Unstuck

I was ready to burn these canvases.
ready to throw them out the window.
I could not get them right.

I started to play
not worrying, just having fun with
color and paper.
and this turned in to this...

which turned into this...

which turned into this...

after letting it sit and sit and taunt me.
it all fell together.

where did it come from?
i have no idea.
the best kind of creating.
it's just it's own thing.

It's a constant battle to suspend judgement
and just go with whatever feels right
to take risks and not just do
what is comfortable.

And I have to say,
I love working in a space that is
organized and makes sense.
It was so worth the time it took to my studio to this place.
It makes me happy just to be in here.


  1. These pieces came out great Erin! I love seeing all of the different layers you did! Wow! Very cool.

  2. I just love this...the idea of letting something 'speak' to you....of letting things just flow until all the pieces come together. Great post!

  3. I totally agree with Michelle. A great organized studio with everything at your fingertips seems to really help. Wonderful job.