Thursday, April 21

The Orphan Crisis & hope

A few months ago I got a comment from Love.
I read her blog and found this.


Frankly, it left me feeling lost.
In tears.
So, so sad. 
And feeling so helpless.

I prayed. 
I don't even know what
to do with this, Lord.
The needs are too great.
We have no money to give. 
There's nothing I can do to fix this. 
Show me.

And then I forgot about it. 
For the most part.
I think about these babies. a lot. 
But I have to push it out of my mind because
I think of Jack separated from his mommy and daddy
and I'm an instant puddle of tears.
and it makes me so, so sad.
like really sad.
And if I can't fix it,
it seems pointless to just be sad. 

So then I heard about little Sergey from Courtney's blog.
And Danielle and her family's heart
for the least of these.
And I was so excited when I read about him
and an opportunity to help him because
there was finally something I could do. 
Like actually do.  
And that makes me happy.
Not sad.

So happy to be a teeny tiny part of
something really big. seriously.
God bringing his children to home.
(Just like me.)
Reminds me of the paralytic. (Luke 5)
His friends do all kinds of crazy stuff
to get him to the feet of Jesus.
To bring him home to his daddy.

And I just know, without a doubt
that together, all of our little loaves & fishes
are changing eternity.

 Anyway, please visit Danielle.
Please give what you feel lead to give.
Please pray for our little Sergey and
the families and children at Reese's Rainbow.

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  1. Thrilled that I happened upon you on etsy, not knowing your heart for the orphan, and invited you to support The Sparrow Fund. Clearly, God's hand was involved and you are having a direct impact on helping kids come home.