Tuesday, April 19

Sometimes mommy has a potty mouth...


My Aunt Cami sent me a cute little notebook
to write down all of the funny things Jack says so i don't forget them.
And i have to carry it in my purse because they happen all day long.

Here are a few of them:

Me: Jack go call daddy for dinner.
He yells up the stairs, "Hey babe"
{big grin}

Our trip to Home Depot:
He's riding in the cart. Big sigh.
"I just love Home Depot, Mom.
It's just like home.
Can we sleep here?"

On our way to the restaurant.
"I hope they have water.
I hope they have water.
Mom, do they have water there?
I just hope they have water."

On our way to the grocery store:
Jack: Mom, do you think they have any food there?
Me: I don't know, what do you think?
J: Let's ask him. Hey grocery store!
Do you have any food for us?
long pause.
J: Mom! Make the store talk!

We enter...
Mom look! They do have food here.
they really do.

All day long.
Mom, watch me.
Mom, cheer for me.
Me: Yay, Jack
Him: No, not like that!
You have to clap for me.

Thank you, Aunt Cami

Did you watch Parenthood?!?
holy cow.
so good.


  1. So cute!!!Thanks for the giggles!! I think he may be an entertainer! He has what it takes!! He can get paid while people clap!! Children can be so adorable!

    Yes I did watch parenthood! Yes it was so good. Loved the grandpa scene!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Hahahaha! I can't wait for Jude to start saying stuff like that!

  3. oh my gosh stacey. it is priceless.
    and yes, giggles i loved the jasmine scene. i wanna kiss those writers for making her come back. and pregnant scene. perfect... and the grandpa scene.

  4. Oh my gosh--I LOVE kids at this age--their mind has no filter--they just speak it--I love that!!
    Little Jack is adorable!

  5. Funny! I need to write down more things that my second graders say, too, especially when they miss a day of school and tell me their version of why!

  6. SO FUNNY!!! We've been lucky so far, but I'm sure our turn is coming! :)

  7. Too CUTE!!!! And what a great idea!!!! Wish I had done that, I did write down in my journal how my oldest always asked for Bwannas(bannanas)Your lil boy is adorable:O) Thanx for sharing:O)

  8. SO precious!
    Brought back delicious memories much joy:)
    Thanks for these giggles,

  9. Adorable! What a great idea to carry a little notebook in my purse. :) Don't they just say the cutest things ever!?

    And YES - I watched Parenthood. I love the Bravermans! You are was SOOOOO good.