Sunday, July 31

Hello August!

This is how I feel about August. excited and anxious.
This month overwhelms me, second only to December.
It is raw chaos over here as I go back to school (teaching first grade this year, part time)
we have birthdays galore, throw potty training & starting preschool into the mix and August is full.
And in the last 2 years I ran out of steam by the time Jack's birthday came.
Not this year. I'm determined to get in front of it and not be surprised
when his birthday comes.
Things on the list:

1. Savor these sweet moments together.
Resist the temptation to wish them away.
Resist the temptation to check my email and do grown up stuff.
Resist the temptation to browse to internet and wish for things I don't have.
Live here. Be here. Play here. Sing here.

2. Spend time with Jesus.
Not hours or half hours. I'm talking about whatever moments I can get to
crack open my devotional and get a little time with Jesus.
A page, a paragraph, a sentence.
and be happy with what I can get & trust
that God will use it  today.

3. Handmade Christmas 2011
Create a collection for my etsy shop & for fairs. I've got so many ideas.
I want to host a handmade ornament exchange.
 I always get jealous when I see her and her exchange.
Who is up for it?

{I don't have a good picture for one.}
4. Birthdays and birthdays and more birthdays.
Get out ahead of them. no more being surprised when they come.
I haven't had a real birthday party for Jack where his friends come.
It kinda scares me. Any tips?

{or this one}
5. Move more, eat less
No huge crazy goals. I just need to get off of the eat-whatever-I-want diet
and on to the have-some-self-control diet. And get outside and move
for my physical, emotional, and mental health. 
I  feel so much better when I do.

What are your August plans?!?


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  1. August, wow. My August plans include going to work all day tomorrow, in my classroom, because I have to. then, finish the last 13 days of wedding DIY for my daughter's wedding day! After the BIG DAY, I hope to relax with my son and husband, and not get depressed that my long awaited for summer is almost over and I'll have to go back to work full time (when I admit that I am not yet fully recovered from perhaps the worst teaching year yet, okay maybe second- worst ever). Keep my spirits up, that's my goal after a beautiful wedding day in mid August!!! Best to you in first grade this year, Erin! wow! Are you nervous?