Monday, November 28

hello monday

today is the last day of the shop sale.
25% off everything & accepting commissions
coupon code: holiday

tyler is having a super cute bunny ornament giveaway.
go see her. she's rad.

hello christmas decorating

hello sideways photos that won't rotate
 no matter how mant times i try

hello crazy hot summer days

hello advent calendar making

inspired by pinterest , of course

hello christmas music

hello my new favorite necklace from her
{hello blurry photo}

hello parenting class tonight
{hallelujah for this reccommended by her}

hello doggy birthday party under the kitchen table

hello gift list making

hello messy studio

hello messy everywhere-i-turn

{linking with lisa}


Thursday, November 24

Give personalized, handmade art for Christmas

It's here.
Black Friday.
Small Business Saturday.
Cyber Monday.

Take 25% off of everything in the shop.
COUPON CODE: holiday

I am accepting orders for commissioned paintings with personalized
verses and quotes for the people you love
this weekend only.

Prices are as follows:
11 x 14 $75 (+$12 shipping)
14 x 18 $85 (+$12 shipping)
16 x 20 $95 (+$18 shipping)
18 x 24 $105 (+$18 shipping)

Here are some commissions that I've done in the past.
These make great one-of-a-kind gifts.
I'd love to create one for you.

Email me at and
I'll set up a custom listing for you.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 22

Queen Bee Market with a side of random

came and went.
It came and went without one single itty bitty
picture taken on my part.
On Friday night I forgot my camera. Oh well.
On Saturday I remembered my camera
and forgot my memory card.
But I did remember my 2 small children
bottles, diapers & all,
and fall in love with Mindy
Does everyone already love her?
Love, love, love her new Christmas CD.


I took Joshy to school.
He was completely entertained by first graders. The whole time.

I'm madly finishing a bunch a Christmas pieces with scripture
for my house and for the big shop sale on black Friday.

Watching Parenthood. Best show on television.
I think they might have a hidden camera in our house.
Anyone wanna come over?

Wanna laugh until you cry?
Here are some of my new favorite blogs:
she introduced me to her as she talked me down
from the mommy's going crazy ledge
who introduced me to her
which led me here
and I always love her

and oh *&^%&*#.
nap time canNOT be over already.
i think I might cry.
and put on another pot of coffee at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Sunday, November 20

His grace is sufficient.

My grace is sufficient for you (erin)
(and you too my dear bloggy friend)
My power is made perfect in weakness.
God has been whispering this verse to me over and over again.
In that still, small whisper that only comes when I am quiet.

His grace is enough to heal all of my wounded parts.
His grace is enough fill up the many places I fall short.
His grace is enough to bring the parts of my life and my hopes and my dreams,
that I thought were dead, back to life.

This for me.
and for you.
to remember.
every day.

God is in the business of
bringing dead things to life.
making all things new.
 healing the sick parts of us.
binding up the wounds of the broken.
making us whole.

His grace is sufficient.

Monday, November 14

hello monday {link up}

hello druel-faced toe-grabber
{almost 5 months}

hello trader joe's chai tea

hello christmas angels in my mailbox
come back here for a tutorial on thursday
{thank you cloth paper scissors}

hello lazy mornings

hello hours of dance parties in the garage with daddy's old dj stuff
hello {and thank you} etsy orders to package

hello my latest netflix streaming addictions
{guilty pleasures. i can't stop watching.}
hello getting ready for queen bee market this friday
goodbye sweet auntie cami from texas
{we miss you}
goodbye pinterest
{this week only}
goodbye 3 bags of maternity clothes
goodbye summer
what are you saying hello to today?
linking up with lisa today

Monday, November 7

Autumn Inspiration & Another Winner

Another winner...
Oops! Kaira so kindly pointed out to me that my random number
generator only went up to 100 and I had 206 comments.
Big oops! So I picked another winner and the winner is:


I couldn't figure out how to post it,
but I'm working on it.
Thanks, Kaira.



Okay, okay, I can't stop.
I need a Pinterest timeout.
I've got to go cold turkey.
But before I do,
here is some Autumn Inspiration for you...

Sweet Little Thrills

The Sweetest Occasion