Monday, November 28

hello monday

today is the last day of the shop sale.
25% off everything & accepting commissions
coupon code: holiday

tyler is having a super cute bunny ornament giveaway.
go see her. she's rad.

hello christmas decorating

hello sideways photos that won't rotate
 no matter how mant times i try

hello crazy hot summer days

hello advent calendar making

inspired by pinterest , of course

hello christmas music

hello my new favorite necklace from her
{hello blurry photo}

hello parenting class tonight
{hallelujah for this reccommended by her}

hello doggy birthday party under the kitchen table

hello gift list making

hello messy studio

hello messy everywhere-i-turn

{linking with lisa}


1 comment:

  1. Oh, I just love those Christmas-trees! And you made it with your boys! That is so cool! I know it´s gonna be something he´s gonna be proud of all his days. "I made THAT when I was a kid!" Wonder-child! :-) Seriously. It´s a great idea, and it looks awesome!