Monday, December 5

hello monday

hello christmas
hello parties
hello baking
hello Christmas tree buy decorating
{love this idea}

Source: via Mandy on Pinterest
hello handmade ornaments

hello getting my body outside
with 2 littles and moving
hello my favorite devotional

hello Elmo's Christmas dvd
{over and over and over again}
 hello Christmas blend
Help bring Xander home!
15% of all sales from the shop
will go to Xander's adoption fund
thanks to Jeanette


  1. beautiful sweet reminders
    of Christmas with littles
    ....just checking in to see how
    dear Erin is doing
    and to send you love and hopes
    that these December days
    are merry and bright:)

  2. LOVE these :) Especially the handmade mitten ornaments