Friday, November 23

too much...

Okay, I promise never to attempt blogging for 31 days
in a row if you promise to forgive me.
Too much.
It's just too much.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Maybe in another life.
And I've been on the computer too much,
Not on the floor playing with these cutest boys ever.
Joshy is almost 18 months and everything he does just melts me.
Jack is 4 going on 44 and precious. hilarious. super serious.
We are in this sweet spot right now.
And I am going to soak up every minute
because I can't even believe Jack is 4 and
Josh will be 4 before I know it
and now is the time to just BE with them.
because that's all they really want.
mama and daddy and they're happy. that's pretty much it.
Okay, peeps, if you are crazy enough to go shopping today,
Happy Black Friday to you!
As for us, we are hanging out here and keeping a low pro.
Going on a little walk and making cookies for neighbors.


  1. Even though you didn't post for 31 days- I was greatly inspired. Thank you! Blessings!

  2. I agree. You Inspired me to create, analyze less, enjoy the process and give God the glory! Thank you :)