Saturday, October 13

31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling:: Day 7: Who Can Resist? Using Masking Fluid

Day 7: Who Can Resist?
Using Masking Fluid

This is really fun.
Am I saying that too much?
Too bad. it's true.

Masking fluid is kind of like magic.
You can find it at any craft store.
Use an old brush because it will be destroyed.

Masking fluid is a resist that you paint on and then peel off.
First, paint your designs with the masking fluid.

When it's dry, paint over it with watercolors.

When the watercolor is dry, peel off the masking fluid.

 Add some pen and you are finished.

Now go!

Get ready for fun tomorrow:
Day 8:Creating Your Mixed Media Art Journal
Oh! How I Love Gesso

You will need:
An old hardback book.
Lots of gesso.
Brushes (nothing special).
A few of your favorite acrylic colors.

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  1. this tickles my inspiration muscle
    and gives me hope:)
    thanks for the sweet share,

  2. Thanks for sharing the technique! I love the doodly, colorful page you made!


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  4. Loved learning this new-to-me technique. I love all your Sunday School choruses--probably dates me a little!