Thursday, January 31

31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling:: Day 11: 101 Ways To Add Texture with What You Already Have

Day 11: 101 Ways to Add Texture 
With What You Already Have

Okay, maybe just 15 ways, but you'll get the idea.
This one is really, really fun.
No, I won't stop saying that.
Because it is.

Applying paint with random objects to create different textures
 is the essence of mixed media.
This is the rule breaking part that I love the most.
The epiphany in the middle of drinking your morning coffee
that the little cup holder hand thingy has GREAT texture.
I get all excited just thinking about it.

And knowing that no one besides my tribe out there (that's you)
will understand the satisfaction of finding crazy textures in unexpected places.
For asbsa-stinkin'-free! 
I know. You're getting excited with me now.

As you go through your day, start thinking about the textures around you.
Find at least 5 household objects that you could use to create different texture in you journal.
Here are just a few.

1. a squashed up paper towel

2. a coffee sleeve from Starbucks

3. a coffee sleeve from Panera
(I like coffee. Can you tell?)

4. the bottom of the cup

5. the lid from the cup

6. the empty roll of wax paper I just used up

7. the little saw from the box

8. Cut up pieces of the box

9. bubble wrap

10. a lego block
(This is actually a duplo)

11. a q-tip

12. a kitchen sponge

13. car tracks

14. Water bottle lid bottom

15. a tooth brush
(I forgot to take a picture of this one.)

This page is a *just a little busy*.
I'd never do all of these on the same page,
or at the same time.
I usually just pick just 2-3.

Next I painted white flowers and used the top of my
paint brush to scribble designs in them.

And I added some paper.

Last, I added the verse with some white and black marker.

Now it's your turn.


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  1. I like your blog. Thank you so much for including descriptions. I am inspired by trying new things now.

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