Saturday, January 26

Life Happens...

When You're Not Looking

We had a great trip to California Adventure
with my aunt and uncle and cousins. 
It was our first time. so fun.

The funniest blog post ever.
And so true.

I finally finished Josh's room. 
After 19 months. 

We've been reading this book at night. 
It's awesome. I learn so much.
Jack loves it.

I've been making a lot of art..
And it's fun.

Playing in my journals and trying to finish up my 31 days. 
This was a way bigger commitment than I thought,
I'm loving getting through it.
It's making me think through 
how I journal and why I journal.

My studio/kitchen table

We chose our new words for the year at Creative Bookclub.
I love doing this together. The best. 

more journal pages in progress.

And one sick and grumpy kid. 



  1. Isn't it okay for boys and men to be real grumpy when sick? I LOVE the room you designed, Erin!

  2. Josh's room looks awesome! Wow that is are so talented friend:)