Friday, June 28

We survived the first week of summer.

was awesome.
was good.
We survived.
We did nothing.
Nothing on the summer list.
No  doing or running around. We stayed home.
{Except for a big day at the fair with mimi.}
Sometimes we even got dressed.
We spent days digging through toys
reading and playing with new birthday toys.
sitting in a box. making music.
making up games and scratching each others eyeballs out.

These boys love to be home.
Do you want to go to the park? library? walk?
"No thanks. I want to stay home."

So I had plans for the summer.
But I'm thinking we're gonna scrap the plans 
and play it by ear and spend a lot more time at home.
Unless they are on the verge of killing each other.
Then I will run to the car, turn the AC on full blast,
and drive around.

Jack is teaching Joshy to fly.
{Such a great metaphor for life!}

"No Josh, You have to run and then jump..."
Very frustrating...
Um... are you ready for this?!?
The boys had their first official sleepover wat mimi and papa's house 
no kids for one whole lovely night!
don't hate.

And our big outing was to the fair with mimi...

Playing with boxes
{before a brawl breaks out}

More watercoloring while the boys play in the back.
I'm feeling a lot more freedom these days.
being able to do my thing while they do theirs
but we're still together.
It feels so good.
I'm a happier momma.

We are back on the budget wagon.
we will. we will. we will.

And back to art journaling.
Breathes life right into my soul.
 Makes me so happy to be alive.
I'm so glad if you are joining me.
It 's all about the process.

Now I'm off to a girl's night downtown.


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