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31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling:: Day 19: Altering Photos

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Day 19: Altering Photos

There are so many ways to use and alter photos in your art.
Today we are just going to paint over them. That's it! Easy. Fun.
because you don't have to be a great artist and create something from scratch.

You will need:
Color copies or ink jet printed copies of your photo
*Tomorrow we'll be creating transfers which require laser copies,
so if you are already at the kinko and making laser copies, make a few extra.

Everything else you need for all the other days...
gel medium

 I keep my photos & copies in folders by subject.
Aren't I so organized? I just impressed myself.
Really, I just made these files, but I keep them in a big heap in a drawer. 

Here are the real pics I took, posterized on picmonkey, and ordered from shutterfly.
Then I took them to Kinkos (I know the name changed, but it will always be kinkos in my book.)
and enlarged them & made color copies.
It's really fun to play with the colors and density and the settings on the copy machine.
***Secret Tip: The people that work there really appreciate it when your 2 year old pulls out all the candy and runs around the store and you take 30 minutes just to put it back and they beg you to leave while they clean it up because they just can't take it any more.

These are my great grandma Dorothy's teacups.
Love them. I really want to do something with them.

This is Quail Gardens.
Love all the succulents.

More flower fields...

Okay. Let's start.
1. Gesso
 I started with gesso and paint and dragged it around the page with a paper towel.

2. Paper
I glued some paper scraps down with gel medium
and then tore up the color copies and glued them on top.
The gel medium is still wet here, so it looks opaque,
but it dries clear.

3. Paint
This picture is horrible in my kitchen lighting in the middle of the night,
but I just painted on top of the copy. That's it.
I also painted around it and added some paint details.

Here it is closer...

4. Sharpie.

And more detail with Sharpie.
i went a little overboard.
Here is the final page.
And I don't like it one bit.

The colors just look harsh & ug to me.
But it's done and it's journaling and it's all about the process, right?
Here are some more details...

Day 20: Photo Transfers

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  1. This is lovely - I am really inspired by Isaiah myself and often use quotes from that book to meditate. This is one of my favourite ones and your art page is beautiful.