Wednesday, February 24

New Journal Pages...

I'm blocked right now. paralyzed. lethargic. Finding it hard to make myself finish this journal. or even work on it. reading the artist's way and she talks about needing to be able to make bad art and I think sometimes that fear just paralyzes me... or is it fatigue? the plan is to stay up tonight and make some progress... I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Hi Erin, sometimes it's a little of both.
    I do think allowing yourself to "make bad art" is a must though.

    Don't stay up too late, sometimes we need the rest more.


  2. Okay--about not wanting to finish. Here's what I do: I set the project that I have bad feelings about aside for a while (to simmer--think of it as dumping the journal into a crockpot) then while it's simmering, I make something else. something completely different. different materials. different purpose. different intended-recipient. Or I just start cutting up projects that I'll make in the future. When I'm crabby or stuck, I generally cut. And those are my thoughts about that. xo.

  3. I like it! It's put aside, only to be worked on... who knows when...

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