Wednesday, May 26

Creative Business Tips: Pretty Packages

I love a pretty package.
Especially when it's for me.
All wrapped up.

So when I read this post on Meylah I decided it was time to think about my packaging.
Here's what I came up with.

A hand written note is a nice touch.

After wandering around blogland I found so many beautiful ideas for packaging handmade products.
Here are some flickr groups with some fun ideas:
Nice Package
Etsy Packaging
Crafty Packages
Warning: This could consume the next 5 hours of your life.
It's so hard to stop wandering.

Oh, we had this little visitor in our backyard today.

I trimmed the grape vines and I didn't put them in the yard waste bins.
We were eating dinner inside when we saw him.
Booboo was had a huge smile. He kept saying, "Hi bunny. Hi bunny."


  1. Gorgeous ideas for wrapping - it becomes part of the art itself, doesn't it ? Ah, but where does the time come from to make each package beautiful like yours? Maybe it's there...
    What a sweet visit from a furry friend ! Who knew bunnies like grape leaves ?
    Happy Wednesday !

  2. I love that Jack was saying "Hi Bunny." Sorry you could not stay long today but I understand that poor Jacky was tired and needed a good nap. Let's try to get together again so we can actually catch up:)

  3. Your wrapping with the hearts is wonderful! I´ll have to wait checking out the links, as I don´t have five hours just now. Ha, ha, ha... fun with the bunny. Are there lots of them wild where you live?