Saturday, May 22

The Big Day

Today was the big day: neighborhood garage sale day.
I've allowed myself to go garage saling once a year.
And today was the day.
remarkable self-restraint for a collector of treasures such as myself.

First I scored this box o' treasure for $1.00.
For everything I could fit in the box.
Here is what I fit in the box...

These cool record boxes full of Vinyl.
I want to use the boxes as my canvas, to create on
and the vinyl... for something wonderful.

Cool fabric to make something fabulous,
Playing cards for art making
and ATC making, which I will do one day.

A game of Scrabble for making those cute little Scrabble tile pendants.
I've been wanting to use a gameboard as a canvas, too.

A cool hanging clock for my studio.
Maybe I'll paint it all funky.
Maybe I'll leave it alone.

Sheet music and chinese books for art making...
Hardback classics with yellowy pages + canvas covers + old book smell.

And this white frame, the perfect size for making a little screen jewelry holder.

The potential in each little object just makes me want to rescue it.
It makes it so hard to let go or pass it by.

Next,I fished what I wished.
After reading this post and this post from two amazing artists that I met at Artfest
I really wanted my own ribbon organizer box.
This is what I found. $1.00
Could it be more perfect?

Here was the best purchase of the day...
a kitchen for the booboo.
I can already see it: black, white, + red, retro diner style.

Three hours & 20 bucks later I came home with
a silver minivan FULL of treasure.
pure booty.

I love sharing these finds with you, because I know you get it.


  1. How fun! I wish there were garage-sales in Norway...! I can´t wait to see all the wonderful things you´re gonna make with your new treasures! You´ll keep posting, right? So we can see?

  2. Ummmm, your assumption is that I'll actually make what I say I will. As you know that is the hard part. But my goal is to make at least one of these things. And I will definitely post...

  3. Oh there are so super juicy treasures in your stash now, Erin ! Great hall ! And isn't thinking about the possibilities more than half the fun ?
    Cheers !

  4. I cannot wait to see the kitchen remake...gonna be so cute...Boo Boo's Diner...all you can eat! xo

  5. I'm positively inspired. I love the way you see things. Thanks for sharing....that was a splash of vision (I'm more alert!)~Jennifer

  6. oh so much fun Erin!!! wish we lived closer, we could go garage saling together! you really scored :)

  7. Wow erin! Your sale is way better than our neighborhood one! Way to go!