Wednesday, October 13

just the way you are.

thank you billy joel

for these lovely words.

i've been away.
but i'm back. 
 i've fought with
these blogging breaks. 
but i'm starting to have
peace about it now. 

realizing that i need
to take care of my family. 
i need to take care of myself
and i need to sleep.   

so here's what i've been working on
paper and glue
and lots and lots of stamping.
hope you are well.
be kind to yourself.
love yourself.
just the way you are.


  1. You and your family always comes first--everything else will just fall into place!!

  2. Glad you're finding balance. :) And how'd you know just the messages I needed to hear? Especially the be kind to yourself part.

  3. Glad that you are back and that you are finding a way to balance. I knew you could find a way to adjust to your new demands. You are just amazing!

  4. we were right here waiting for you! :)
    those breaks are good and needful!

    Blessings and grace!

  5. Breaks certainly are good! I took a little one last week, myself! This Billy Joel song has always been very special to me and to my husband. Hope all is well with you, your family, and with your kindergarten class. I bet you have a huge collection of funny stories already this year! I am beginning to feel like my second graders are getting "roped in" now. Routines are feeling "routine"... almost! I struggle sometimes, too, getting it all in. (Why do women always feel they have to do so much?!!) Continue to take care of yourself and your lovely family! ♥Kathy