Monday, April 4

Happy Spring...

I asked for (and got)
a little vacation for my birthday
(in March)

Darryl & I are up in Newport Beach
for two nights.
by ourselves.

We've never done this before and,
as much as I love and miss Jack,
it feels really really really good
to get away.
and sleep in.
and wander.
and be together.

it's weird.
and wonderful.
i feel like we're dating.

oh my gosh, this is so necessary for us.
even if we can't afford to get away for a night
we need to take this time regularly.
even if it's just a coffee date.

it's so hard to make it a priority
because we want to be with Jack.
we love to be with Jack.

and I don't realize how much
I miss this time with Darryl
until I get it again.

And we get into these great conversations
and it's like I can see him
and it reminds me of
who he is and
why I love the man that he is.


  1. Just followed you over from Novice artist. Love your mixed edia work. So great to see inspirational and scriptural work that actually is inspirational. Off too look at your etsy shop now, see if I can find inspiration for mine. Got my own two year old, Harry, and much as we love hiom I know what you mean about time with the person you married. Looks like you had a cool holiday.

  2. Wonderful photos--look at that blue sky!--and yes it's good to get away and enjoy time together.

  3. oh beautiful you:):):)
    So glad you had the sweet getaway
    with your sweet.
    You are a stunning beauty,
    so full of life!
    Thanks for sharing the pics
    of blossoming you,

  4. Aww, this is great! I so know what you mean about needing time. I'm SO happy you guys are on a getaway! John and I could really use one of those. For now, we've been doing a date night once a month when we have our sitter come over and we go out for dinner/shopping/talking/coffee. I live for date nights :) They reconnect us and remind us that we are a couple, not just parents.

    Happy Spring to you, my friend. You look fabulous, by the way!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Glad u had a great getaway:O) You look radiant:O)

  6. erin - so happy you are darryl are getting some time together. Frank and I need to do this, I am just afraid we might have waited too long and this baby may come at any time.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhh...thanks guys! so sweet. it felt so good to get away & sleep, sleep, sleep. if sleep is one of the most exciting parts, does that mean i'm old? then again, i've always loved my sleep.

  8. those breaks are soooo vital. i am so happy that you were able to do that together. i LOVE newport. we get a beach house there every summer with some friends. happy memories!

  9. Erin you both and (Jack) so so need this. And those coffee breaks that is just the two of you.
    As much as you guys love Jack you need, need that time. So glad you got it before your new baby arrives.

    You look beautiful!!

  10. So glad you got a little break! I grew up right next door to Newport in Huntington Beach, so I recognize many of the places in your pics. Great place to visit!! :)