Friday, April 8

Art Studio Makeover Part 1: Time to Purge

I'm making progress on the spring break list.
 I  finally decided to get serious about organizing my studio for productivity,
instead of making it a dumping ground for all things miscellaneous.

Up until now I've just kept adding stuff to the room
But now that I know I'll be here a while
I'm trying to:

A. Purge.
Anything I haven't used for the last year.
I could write several posts on this.
How tough it is at first,
how good it feels to let go,
and then I wonder why I held
on to it so tight in the first place.

B. Organize stuff for efficiency.
Think function first.
Make it pretty later.

C. Make it pretty.
finally. the fun part.
inspiring. creative. beautiful.

Of course I have to fight the urge to do it in the opposite order.
Right now I just need to get rid of the stuff that is getting
in the way of making the art I want to make.

I keep asking myself
Do I love this?
Have I used it in the last 6 months?
Do I need it in order to create the art I want to create?

I can always make it pretty later.
Right now I just need to let go & simplify.

The biggest thing I let go of was this monster day bed.
I was saving it for my little girl.
We're not having a little girl.
Hard to let go.

Then I finally put up some blinds and added a little color to the curtains.
I went out of order. I know. I couldn't help it.

Got rid of piles and piles of stuff.

 Brought in the hutch with the
printer for paper work.

Covered some storage boxes with text.

Fixed the cluttered, falling down shelves.

FIlled in all of the holes I've made in the last 2 years.
I was left with a wall full of spackle.
And, being 7 months pregnant,
I can't breathe the fumes of regular wall paint,
plus I just didn't want to deal with the hassle of it.

So I used my acrylics to paint the wall.
I started with paint brushes
and then switched to paper towels.
Don't worry. I have a plan. I can see it.

Art Studio Makeover Part 2: Function before Form
Organize my work stations to be

and then make them pretty.


  1. LOVE the feeling I get
    watching and reading about spaces
    coming uncluttered and tugged into a
    more weight-bearing capacity!
    Bravo on the the
    acrylics on the wall:)

  2. Love what you are doing sooo far!!:O) Love that hutch:O)

  3. looking the curtains and everything you have done. doesn't it feel good?? I have been in the same process these last few days. I an trying to get everything off the floor and onto shelves. And weeding out the things I never use. (and say well maybe one day)

    The acrylics on the wall are fantastic...can't wait to see your plan.

  4. Yes, it feels soooooooooooo good. I have so many "maybe one day" projects and supplies that I got rid of. I think it'll help me focus.

  5. Love the motivation. My studio is begging for attention to be organized.
    I love what you have done to yours.
    Thanks for sharing,