Friday, April 15

Art Studio Makeover Part 2: Function before Form

***I'm so excited to be featured over at My Messy Manger today.***
Take a look.

So now that I have gotten rid of piles and piles of stuff
I'm finally ready to organize this room to be:
(above all else!)
and ultimately...
inviting & inspiring

I'm not an organizer by nature,
so this is brain surgery for me.

I divided my room into 3 separate stations:


{My bulletin board for ideas, pegboard for paint, and my 35 things for inspiration.}

{Getting my paint & supplies off of my workspace
and up on the wall was a huge space/clutter saver.}

{This is not pretty, but it gets the job done.}

***2. Wrapping & packaging orders***

{This is still a work in progress.}

{I put up a bulletin board for inspiration,
a calendar, and a board for orders & to dos.}

Ribbon storage before...

Ribbon storage after...
{Plus it has a little shelf to hold more stuff.
Painted pots are a cheap & easy way store stuff.}

***3.all things computer & paper work***

Honestly, the best organizational strategy for me has been
getting stuff off of my workspace and onto my walls.
and using every inch of my vertical space.
My drill has been my best friend.
{This skinny bookshelf sits on the table,
but it helps to use the vertical space.}

Also, I found these affordable baskets at WalMart for $5.00.
These have been a life saver for miscellany.
It seems no matter how much I purge and organize,
there is always that random stuff that just doesn't fit.
They are not the most attractive things in the world,
but they are functional, so I was really excited when I found them.
And I saved the best for last. Don't hate.

This is my organizational, vintage, antique, artist, studio dream come true:
The real live card catalog from my school. Built in 1950.
I have to save our love story for another post.
It's too good to pass up.

 I'm almost there.
I still have a few more projects
to finish up so I can finally start painting again.


  1. How inspiring to see your neat photos...I must make an effort in my own studio! Looks good, woman!
    Paula at Mixed Media Manic.blogspot

  2. Thanks, Paula. It takes so long. I'm so ready to paint something!

  3. You did a wonderful job reorganizing. Looks like you are ready to go on a streak of painting for the next few weeks! Well done.

  4. p.s. LOVE the card catalog idea of organizing! :)

  5. Erin! I love it! You've done a wonderful job creating an organized, cozy, and colorful space to create in. Thanks for sharing its progress!

  6. oh Erin your space looks so inviting!!! i love all your organization cubbies and such. looks like a perfect environment for creating awesome art!