Tuesday, August 2

Mixed Media Collage prints in the shop!

Celebrate new prints in the shop with a sale!
Buy 2, get 1 free.
Help me get to 500.
seriously exciting.

This is my favorite.
It has a great story behind it.
Thank you Cassie Ray!
Here are some of the others.

There is something so satisfying about picking up prints.
 Finished. Cross it off the list. Now let's brew some coffee & get ready for Queen Bee.


  1. Thanks guys. These were so fun to make.

  2. Love these Erin!! And I also very much enjoyed your background tutorial!! It was inspiring and encouraging! :)

  3. These are so beautiful - you do such great work Erin! I have you as a contact in Flickr, and for some reason JUST found your blog! I linked it and will be checking back!

  4. i love all of these, but the first one is my FAVORITE!!

  5. Love your prints Erin! Very inspiring:)

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL! "Push on Brave Soul" really encourages me today. Just discovered your work and your blog--so glad to "meet" you!


  7. these are amazing!!! I just discovered your blog/shop and am in love (pinned a few to pinterest!!) xoxo

  8. just stopping by to marvel at your creations
    and share some love for the wonderful mommy
    I'm pulling and cheering wildly for:)
    hope you're being gentle with yourself
    and enjoying these last sips of summer
    (next summer will be so much less tricky)