Saturday, August 27

Checking in...

Joshy wanted to say hello...

I didn't mean to be gone for so long
but every year, just like clockwork...
July is fun and lazy and
August comes around and it is crazy.

So since I can't beat August,
I'm just going to join it.
I'm just going to sit back and give in to the craziness
and proclaim a break from blogging
until things settle down for us a little.
I have to remember to him wear
all of his cute 0-3 clothes.

Josh is 10 weeks old and
Jack turns 3 on Tuesday.
Jack is potty training
and has decided to stop taking naps
and he starts preschool next week.
so we have a lot of change
a lot of adjusting.
a lot of figuring out.

Joshy in my moby wrap.
I love it.

Josh is super sweet.
He is smiling and talking and kicking and lifting up his head.
He never, ever stops eating.

This is my teaching partner (aka: my other spouse)
The best partner. ever.
School starts for me in August, which is always
fun and exciting and a ton of work.
I'm sharing the job this year, which I am very, very thankful for.
And I love first grade. They are so capable. And sweet.

Helping mom with the laundry.

Here are some peaks of our month so far.
I'll be back to blogging in September.
oh. that's next week.
okay, maybe it'll be October...

I'm trying my hardest to take pictures with my boys,
without worrying about what I look like.
The important thing is that they have pictures with their momma.

Jack had his last Mommy & Me class.
He loved his teacher, Miss Kristen.

Daddy can make Josh smile and talk better than anyone.



  1. so glad to see you and your beautiful boys!!!
    thankful you're sipping August slowly
    and letting these new beginnings
    take their own sweet time:)
    You look WONDERFUL, lovely mommy!
    hope preschool is pure joy
    for all of you
    and so so glad you get to team teach!
    loving and lifting you,

  2. Ahh they are so cute. Take a blogging break... We aren't going anywhere. I will be in a 1/2 split this year - oh ya I mean Monday. I did signup for artfest this year. How about you? I am sure that is the last thing on your mind. Enjoy every minute.

  3. I am wishing you a bright and blessed new school year, Erin. Happy that you love your teaching partner. Josh is so sweet, and your family is so beautiful!! So are you! Keep smiling, you glowing mama, you!! Today my daughter is 25. How is that even possible when I remember holding her for the first time like it was...last week. Tomorrow I go to work in my classroom. I am actually full time this Thursday and Friday with the two superintendent days. I am doing inclusion again this year, and love my team teacher, too! My aide seems good. I have two autistic boys and four learning disabled with 21 altogether in my class. I think this year will be wonderful. I hope so, because with all of the NY rules now, I need a wonderful year! Enjoy your Sunday and hope to hear from you maybe by the end of September! Peace and love, Kathy

  4. How funny that some babies have "grown-up" features. You can kind of tell what he´s going to look like when he gets older. And he´s got your cute dimples, Erin!
    Are you already starting to work?! And he´s so young! Hope all works out for all of you :-)

  5. just popping over to send you some love
    and let you know
    I'm cheering for you
    as school starts back.
    grace, grace, grace:)

  6. You have such a beautiful family! Your boys are so adorable. I love Josh's dimples! He looks like his mama! I am very blessed that Maggie has the best teachers in the world! (But shhh...don't tell the other teachers at OK...I love them too...just not as much!) I love that you take photos with your boys -- and you look beautiful in all of them! I need to follow your lead! I'll see your smiling face tomorrow in class!

  7. What beautiful pictures!!They are sooo adorable:O) take all the time you need to rest and enjoy every moment:O)Glad you all are doing great, see you in October:O)

  8. You and your family are just BEE-U-TI-FULL!!! I've dropped off the blog world lately, so I have much to catch up happy for you with the new baby, new teachings, new designs, etsy, etc. You are a rock star to me!!!