Tuesday, October 4

Beach Vacation

I've taken a break from blogging to
start the school year & catch up on sleep & life.

We're on a little vacation at the beach for a few days.

September & October are summer months in San Diego.
Clear, warm and no crowds on the beach.
June & July are overcast and cool.
But, September & October are usually pretty perfect.

Josh is pure joy.
at 3 and a half months old now, he is a
super sweet 16 butterball of smiles.
And I can't wait for him to sleep through the night.

Jack is almost potty trained (wahoo!)
loving preschool.
and giving me a run for money right now.

I've just spent hours editing my photos from the last 6 months on picnik.
Shelly's tutorial is super helpful.
I had no idea that picnik could do all of this.

Hopefully I'll make time to create some art soon.


  1. So glad to see you
    and your beautiful family
    soaking up the sun
    and sweetness
    and enjoying some delicious rest.
    You're always in my heart,

  2. precious boys Erin...your life is full. may feel full to the brim some days. :)

    glad to hear all is well!