Saturday, December 24

The Chex Mix Conspiracy

 I had a serious wrestling match with God over this stupid Chex Mix and my stupid neighbors.
(It’s a good thing I have such a great attitude about it though.)
I had a million and one good reasons not to pass it out to my scary stranger neighbors.
And I let him have them. The whole million. And one.
And I kept telling him, my perfectly wonderful reasons:
First and most importantly:
I don’t want to.
Plain and simple.
I’m sick.
I’m covered in spit up.
I just got a stupid hair cut.
My eye liner is down to my chin, again.
It’s vitally important that I check Pinterest so that I can feel even
more inadequate in every realm of life than I already do.
Oh, my 3 year old is being an a#$hole right now. Serious.
We are spending entire DAYS {days I say} in time out.
And you me to expose unsuspecting soles to his wrath?!?
Really, Lord?
And did I mention that I don’t want to.
And He kept telling me to just do it.
So there it was.
And there I was.
It was getting dark so I wrangled Jack into the stroller with
 his Santa hat on and 43 bags of Chex Mix.
And we went to our 1st house.
And we were both nervous. Standing at the door with our little bags.
And no one was home.
And then we went to our 2nd house. And we were less nervous.
And no one was home.
And then our 3rd.

And finally Chuck answered the door.
{Thank you Chuck}
Chuck the sweet guy who lives alone.
The guy we see going to the mailbox after work in his chef outfit.
The guy who we’ve never known his name and we both shift eyes when we see each other.
That Chuck.
And my little a#$hole transformed into his sweet little 3 year old self. In a Santa hat.
“Merry Christmas. We made you some Chex Mix.”
 Then he proceeded to engage in a full on conversation about
Santa and Christmas and life in general.
And it was glorious.
All of that wrestling was worth it.
As always. It always is.
And my temporarily transformed 3 year old and I continued down our street
Spreading Chex Mix and cheer.
To the junior high boys playing football in the street.
{All I could think about was Young Life kids}
To the super cute family of 5 girls who I didn’t even know lived there.
To the cat woman with dark house and all the “go away” signs on her porch.
And each person was genuinely glad to see us & not scary.
Until Jack peed in his pants and we had to run home hop in the bath.
For the 3rd time today.

And I did it.
And God is faithful.
He always shows up.
Every single time.
Kind of reminds me of Christmas.

Thanks for reading my words dear friends.
I hope you have a really great holiday with your friends and family.


  1. Erin, you are loved and precious in His sight!

    This is precious...oh how i loved reading this!

    Merry, Merry Christmas, you are already celebrating the reason...

    Much love to you and yours!

  2. A 3 yr old asshole, huh? I died laughing, I have one of those, haha...although right now he is a transformed sweet little so and so...
    Merry Christmas! Stay dry and warm. :-)

  3. I found your blog by chance, and I adore it! I love both your art and your heart. I am a relatively new mixed-media artist, and I just love your canvases. I have been thinking about trying some myself, and after seeing yours, it makes me want to jump in even more. (:

    Thanks for this article. It really touched my heart! I applaud you for listening to the promptings of the Lord, even when you didn't want to. (:

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. Nice work! Terrifying, meaningful work. :)

  5. This post brought a smile to my face and memories of my sweet boys childhood:O) Merry Christmas and Thanks for sharing:O)

  6. Why didn't anyone tell me about 3?!?!? :) Oh well, friends promise me that this is a stage. If not, the bathroom fixtures will be a few of Jack's best friends. merry christmas!

  7. this post makes me miss you and really wish we could do this parenting thing together

  8. so SO beautiful, Erin!
    Grinning and glad for your shiny honesty;
    such a treasure you are:):):)
    I'll think of this every time I
    think of chex's a holy thing now:)
    love and grace,

  9. You are brave! I've lived in my house for almost 10 years and only know two of my neighbors!