Wednesday, December 7

On being brave: love thy neighbor

do you know your neighbors?
i don't.

we've lived here 3 and a half years and
i still don't know my neighbors.
which has kind of been okay with me,
until now.

when i was 10 we moved to california.
encinitas to be exact.
and i grew up with my neighbors.
we were in and out of each other's
houses all day long.

we walked to school together.
we played capture the flag.
we dressed up in sparkley flapper dresses
we made invitations and knocked on doors for the
whole neighborhood to watch us put on "shows" in Tyme's front yard.
we sang and danced to whitney houston and the sound track to stand by me.

our families went on ski trips
and celebrated christmas eve together.
i got to grow up in community
and i didn't even know it.

but i knew it was sweet and i knew it was special.
i could feel it.
and i loved it.

what i didn't know is that it doesn't just happen.
i have to put myself out there. {ugh}
i have to make an effort. {sigh}
i have to risk being uncomfortable. {really?}
i have to make small talk with strangers.
i have to be brave.

if i want the rich life that comes from being brave.
and i do.

so here's what i'm gonna do.
i'm gonna start small.
no grandiose awkward parties or anything.

first i'm gonna walk around the neighborhood with my kiddos
and pray for each family that lives in each house.
silently of course. so as not to freak out the strangers on my street.

{i'm not saying this cause i'm super spiritual.
 i promise. i'm not.
i'm saying it because i remember going on prayer walks
on highschool campuses as a young life leader
and it calms my heart and brings me peace
and reminds me that it all belongs to God.
and i need that reminder.a lot.}

then i'm gonna bake {or buy} something
a lot of somethings
and make them pretty and put them
 in the wagon and deliver them.
door to door.
in person.
to strangers.
i know.

and all the while i will be scared and nervous and thinking
ugh. this is not what i want to be doing right now.
but i will do it and god will work and
i will say thank you lord.

and wait for my next brave assignment.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful (and slightly terrifying) project. Sending you lots of brave thoughts and encouragement. :)

  2. A fantastic plan! The praying and the baking, I love it! God is sure to bless it. Your heart is in the right place.

  3. Youre heart is in the right place and you are a good person to do this and brave:O) I do not talk to my neighbors but i know who they all are, im very weary of new people and am bad of being negative about them:( Im trying though really trying as in this Blog:O)Have a great week:O)

  4. I've lived in my house for 4 years and have always spoke to my neighbor across the street. very briefly. Hi & bye. Not much. She seemed so kind and my age. One day I decided to ask her to go to a special movie showing (my usual friend flaked out on my at the last minute) and she agreed. We had the BEST time!! Like we've known each other our whole lives and we've been hanging out ever since, running back and forth across the street. If only I had tried sooner! But,maybe *this* is our time to be friends. It was totally worth it to step out of my comfort zone. Now I want to try to meet more of my neighbors. Good luck meeting yours! Everything you've planned so far sounds great!

  5. I'm the same way! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better neighbor. :)

  6. Good for you! In our old neighborhood it took 3 years to get to know ours next door neighbor. Never knew any of the rest.
    This neighborhood had a wonderful woman who came to the door with a loaf of banana bread our second day here. She actions have made an impact.

  7. fantastic post, Erin
    and bravo on living out
    the brave beauty that is you:)
    (your neighbors will LOVE you)