Sunday, May 20

My Terrible Whatzit

Man oh man, it's been so long.

There's so much to say, I'll have to make it a couple of posts:
 koi watercolors.
on creating and self efficacy.
the big blogger change.
and adventure.
terrible whatzits.

I'll start with the terrible whatzit.
A classic favorite of mine.
I found it in Jack's book stack and spoke right to my heart.

 I think it might have been written just especially for me. and you.
I was trying to think about why I flip out before big stuff
(like teaching art to grown ups)
and struggle with depression
and all I can hear is:
"you're not enough"
"who you are and what you have to give is not enough"
and in my brain I know it's a lie from the pit.

We had some friends over to dinner for the
first time in years and years (my dream come true)
and we were talking about getting our whatzits into the light.
Exposed. For all the world to see.
When you put your whatzits in the light,
they lose their power over you.
and you become free.

And my wise husband shared what they say in recovery
(He is a counselor.)
You're only as sick as your secrets.
Think about it.
I know.

I say this because I've been practicing being honest and getting my junk out into the light.
And you know what I am learning?
We all have it. Not one person doesn't.
And if they say they don't have it, they're lying.
I promise.
And I realize that I'm not alone.
And  relationships become safer and more real.
And it makes me brave.



  1. I still know that you and I are a lot alike, Erin. Oh, my whatzits and struggles and depressions and fears! Great post. And I can not wait to hear abou Koi Watercolors because I want to buy myself a set as an end-of-the-school year present...if I survive til then!!!...and I like PicMonkey even though I was terribly fearful of Picnik closing...! Aah. Now have a good night!

  2. oh how I love your big brave beautiful heart!
    I loved this little story.....powerful stuff, that.
    and what your wise hubby freeing.
    and your honest beauty
    all makes me richer just for reading
    and pokes holes in the dark clouds
    so that more heaven-breath pours down
    like sweet refreshing rain.
    love, love, love you and this inspire,

  3. Love this post. So true and raw! I'd be too scared to expose a few of my secrets for sure!

  4. Great post and i agree wise what the hubby said and give me lots to think about, you are a brave soul:O) Thanks for sharing

  5. You're not alone. Glad to know you, dear friend. You and your husband are a treasure.