Thursday, May 24

Koi Pocket Field Sketch Watercolors

On a recent trip to the art store (a dangerous place) to buy canvas
and I've wanted them since forever
well, ever since I saw Alisa Burke's sketch books

One of the first art classes I took in college was watercolor and  liked it,
but it is a hard, unforgiving medium.
I was always nervous that I was going to mess the whole thing up.
And I did, more times than I want to remember.

So fast forward 15 years to Carla Sonheim's class at Artfest in 2009.
I brought a very basic set and started going to town.
It was super fun. And simple.

They make me really happy.
Watercolors are such a nice change from mixed media
because they are quick and portable and simple.
And satisfying.

I can draw a quick sketch while the boys are playing in the backyard
and get my art fix in at the same time.

I draw with an extra fine point Sharpie first,
and then paint with the water colors.



  1. That's it. I'm buying my Koi Set this weekend...and really learning, playing,practicing! Ah! Thank you, sweet, dear Erin! So glad you can squeeze in art time when your boys are playing...I remember how difficult that always was...I used to try to read something when mine were little! Ha

  2. Ha! Mine just came in the mail!! I have wanted to doodle more, and thought this would be perfect.

    These pages of yours are fantastic! I think it will get me drawing a little bit more, something I shy away from.

    Hugs to you sweet one!

  3. Beautiful:O) I need to try these, they look so vibrant:O)

  4. I have wanted a set since I saw Elisas too! Lol. I do love watercolors for the same reason. Easy, portable and fun! Beautiful work!