Wednesday, October 3

31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling:: Day 3: Pattern Play

Day 3: Pattern Play
Just like lines, possibilities for patterns are endless.
Whenever I am stuck, I just continue repeating a pattern or a
 variation on a pattern I've already created.
First, divide your practice paper up into squares by folding it in half 4 times.
Then, using your line practice sheet from yesterday,
combine a few lines in different ways to make up some patterns.
Easy, right?

Now add these patterns to your journal page.


  1. i used to doodle constantly... and somehow have lost the groove! thank you for the fun new ideas!!

  2. Love this, Erin! Very cool.

  3. LOVE your first 3 days of Scripture Art-Doodling. Thank you for all the fantastic tips!

  4. Hey!
    I found you from The Nester 31 dayers. This is so cool! I have always wanted to do this but have been gun shy about trying -- thanks for the push!

  5. Loving this so far! We were challenged in church last week to get the WORD in so we can get the WORD out. I had always wanted to do an art journal, but now i'm doing it with purpose!
    Waiting in anticipation and praying that all is well!

  6. Erin,You have challenged me to stay in the Word this month searching for what God has for me to say visually along with the Word.Thank you for putting the plan you had for this challenge on day one. I have been keeping up with what I think you meant by the title. I like Susan have been praying all is well with you and yours.PS.To others following this 31 dayers blog if Erin is not able to check back in by day 15 I would love to help out and give you some more daily direction for the rest of the month, here in the comment section. Anyone interested?

  7. My day 3: