Friday, January 4

Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

One thing I love about having a blog is that I get to
 look back and remember where I have been
so that I can get perspective about where I am.
It's easy to feel like I'm standing still.

And I don't even remember wanting to do some of these random things,
so it's cool to look back.

Last year at this time I was very tired and very overwhelmed.
Jack was 3 and really tough and Josh was 6 months and no one was sleeping.
And I was too overwhelmed to even pick a word.

This year we are in a good routine.
We are all sleeping{for the most part}
Jack and Josh are finding their way as brothers
and we are in a fun stage again at 18 months and 4.

So, I'm thankful.
Thankful for so much.
Thankful for sleep.
Thankful that I get to make art.
Thankful that God provides for our every need.
Thankful for these boys.

Last year was about sleep and survival.
 I didn't make much art, but it was a very big art year for me,
and I'll tell you why...

1. I did submit lots of stuff to magazines that was published several times
(Thank you Stampington!)

2. In March ArteHouse contacted me to license some prints.
(Beyond exciting!)

3. I have been working in art journals a lot more this year.

Then in October something crazy happened. Are you ready?!?!
Julie Chen emailed me. The Julie Chen. From Life Verse Design.
I have admired her work for so long.
Anyway she emailed me, and asked me how I got licensed
by a huge distributor of Christian gifts.

was my response.

was her response and she emailed me a wholesale catalog with a whole line of my work replicated.
Not just kind of similar style, but REPLICATED.

So many thoughts!
First: I thrilled. I can't believe my work is good enough to be replicated and sold.
I never would have had the guts to turn my portfolio into this company.

Second: Violated. Like someone came in and stole stuff from my house.
My late hours in the middle of the night. Time taken away from my family.

Third: Powerless. What in the world can little old me do?!?
I know I have to fight with everything in me, but I feel like David
(David & Goliath)

So I called the distributor and they bought the products
from a Chinese company that made them.
The Chinese company agreed to give me
royalties on the products they sold.
It was crazy. I still can't believe it.
Thank you Lord x 1,000.

Even more than the royalties,
I gained a confidence as an artist
that I haven't had before.

The next week {week} I was contacted bt A.D. Lines Eurogroup
to be represented by them.
They are my agent.
Yes, I have an agent.

Needless to say, I'm expectant and excited to see what happens with
art and family and life in this new year.
I have a feeling it's gonna be good.



  1. Congratulations Erin! You deserve it. I treasure the print I have of yours.

  2. Thank you!!! We'll see how it all goes this year... I treasure your support & encouragement!

  3. Girl, I was reading back til like September in my blog this morning. It really is amazing to see where your life will take you in a short amount of time! I can't believe the story about what happened with your art. Some people can be so unbelievably crazy!

  4. OK. I am SOOOO glad about all this. NOT that your work was being replicated, but that you gained confidence and YOUR beautiful work is being rewarded. I was walking down the aisle of Hobby Lobby the other day and stopped dead in my tracks. I saw a painting and said to myself... "That is Erin Butson." I was going to email you about it...but, this explains it! Good luck with everything Erin.