Friday, January 18

Just Make Art ...

One of my many goals this year. 

Like I said I my last post, 
last year was exhausting.
Beautiful and wonderful and exhausting.
I guess that's what I want life to be, right?

I've been thinking about my word for this year. 
And I'm still undecided. It's tough to commit to just one.
The first year I picked one, it just came to me: acceptance.
The second year: clear as day: surrender.
Last year, I was too overwhelmed to even pick one.
But this year I feel ready.
Ready to choose. Ready to move. 

I picked up this little calligraphy pen on a whim at Michaels.
Oh my. I'm in love.
It's so fun to write with. 
Makes me feel fancy.

I've been practicing.
Writing down all of the possible words I can think of.

The Creative Book Club Girls come over 
and we work on our words together. 
Hallelujah! I love  these girls. 

Go to the park.
Mountains of laundry.
Shots for the boys.
{With my best-mom-in-the-world.}
Thank you mom.

Now, let's go get 'em.


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