Wednesday, June 30

Happy Birthday Cupcake Cards

How many times have I run to Target to pay $3.25 for a mass-produced birthday card?!? It kills me.
I put it off until the very last minute every time because I just feel like a huge sucker.

So I solved my birthday card problem today. I was playing around with some of my favorite papers and made these sweet + simple little cupcakes,
because who doesn't love cupcakes?!?

I just put them up in my etsy store + now I need to figure out how to package them...

Friday, June 25

Paint with me...

So my doodles have continued...
I can't seem to stop.

I was super excited to see this on Simply Feather
(yep, it's me!)
blog love right back at you heather.

Join me in paint with me...
This week's prompt is three.
hence, the three doodles.

In real life this week,
It was our first full week of summer...
We went to a pirate concert in the park.
Not really what I meant when I wrote this
(concerts in the park)
but it worked for us.

I decided I needed structured grown up conversation time this summer.
so I started my first ever play group.
our first play was yesterday.
and what is more fun than jumping on all of the couch pillows onthe floor?

I think we ate a whole watermelon today.
and some sand.
and we also licked some broccoli.

In the studio I'm working on my Christmas trades for Cloth Paper Scissors.
It's weird to get in Christmas mode in the middle of June,
but i think it's coming together.
Here's what I have so far...

Tuesday, June 22

Doodles continued...

Thanks so much for all of your encouragement with Boot Camp.
It was fun to take a new direction with my art.

I rarely finish anything, especially in mixed media, so it was really satisfying to start and finish and go on with my day.

Drawing this way feels so much like play. cathartic.

so I've kept on doing it.

plus, I can doodle and watch him do this at the same time.
and he's been doing a lot of this lately.

without waiting until nap time or holing up in my studio at night.

these were actually done last night.

while enjoying my most satisfying guilty pleasure: The Bachelorette.

Love the show. Love Ali.

I'm not sure what I'll do with these next.

Maybe I'll carve stamps like these and these.
I've been wanting to do that for so long.

Maybe I'll stitch them up and add them to a mixed media piece.

Maybe I'll use the Bubble Jet Set that's been in my garage for over a year + sew them on pillows.

Maybe I'll just leave them as art for art sake.

Any ideas?

Tuesday, June 15

Monday, June 14

Creativity Boot Camp

Day 10: Full bodied
Love this prompt.

Creativity Boot Camp: Drizzle

Creativity Boot Camp
Day 9: Drizzle

Okay, I'm loving boot camp.
it feels like play.

I'm loving the pace.
Since boot camp is so quick (a piece a day)
it requires me
to let go
and go quick
without over thinking.

and without even finishing.
i want to paint
and use watercolor crayons
and stitch...

but I'm letting myself be okay
with this
black + white
right now.

Creativity Boot Camp: Fly



Sunday, June 13

Creativity Boot Camp: Grow

Creativity Boot Camp
Day #5: Grow

So, I really, really wanted to participtae in
Creativity Boot Camp
to get my creative booty into shape.
But it's such a busy
(I hate the word busy)
but it's been a really full time.

The idea behind boot camp is to choose one medium
and create one thing a day within that medium.
And journal too. with words.

So, I'm just going to jump into days 7+8
and glue days 1-6 onto the back end...
if that makes sense.
That's the goal.

Ever since my class with
her at Artfest in March
I've wanted to explore
sharpies + watercolor + watercolor crayons
+ sewing fabric into my art + leaving some white space...
so that's what I'll be posting for the next 30 days or so.

Saturday, June 12

Playing new games...

I'm back from blog oblivion. I've missed you.
I've been doing a lot of life lately.
Trying to keep my head above water.
I know you know what I mean.

We've been making up new games around here.
This is called the nigh-nigh game.

1. Lay the blanket on the floor.
2. Get all the pillows you can find and put them on the blanket.
3. Lay down on the blanket.
4. Get all the stuffed animals you can find and pile them on top of you.
5. Close your eyesfor half a second + shout,"wake up!"
Repeat x 100

This game is called In the tent
*A variation on the nigh-nigh game

1. Say "In the tent" about 60 times before dad relents and gives in.
Mom doesn't play this game.
2. Dad holds up a blanket, climb underneath.
3. Gather all of the pillows andstuffed animals you can find and bring themunder the blaket.
4. Repeat x27

Kite Flying.
nuf said.

This game is called "Throw as much dirt into the air as you possibly can and make it cover you from head to toe while mommy is on the computer."

Lots and lots and lots of bike riding

Needless to say, my making has been slow inthe last couple of weeks, but summer is coming!!!

I want to send a shout out to my dear artfest friends who will be teaching
(yes, I said TEACHING)
at Artfest next March.
I am so excited for them and
so wishing and hoping and praying
for another miracle to let me go.

The super talented Janne will be teaching a class on how to make this.

Shelley will be teaching a class on how to makes these.

And Michellemybelle will be teaching a class on how to make this.

And I want to take every single class, but mostly I want to
go so I can see all these peeps again.
And stay up late
and make and make and make.
Artfest is like...
Young Life summer camp, but better
college, but better
travel, but better
I can't really describe it.
You just have to go.
And feel the Artfest love.
I'm praying for another Artfest miracle for next March.
It involves the lottery, too.
Pray big, why not?

One final note:
how many times has this happened to you?
at 2:00 in the morning?
Tell me the truth...
Too many to count for me.

Thursday, June 3

Kindergarten Self Portraits

My kindergarten students drew these self portraits for Open House.

I gave a directed drawing lesson, guiding them through each part of the portrait.

I can't believe how they turned out. I love them.

Some are so expressive and revealing.

Others are simple and sweet.

They each have their own style.

and interpretation.

They started off a little hesitant,

but most ended up loving their work.

I always let kids have as many "chances" (pieces of paper) as they need so they can create in freedom, without fear.

There is nothing that paralyzes me more than thinking that I only have one chance.
I made them draw at least three portraits, and I let them create as many as they wanted to, and choose the one they wanted to display.

We had a little critique at the end (only positive comments) and they were so sweet and proud of their little portraits.
Now the question is: am I brave enough to attempt this assignment?!?
Why are self portraits so difficult? So painful? so... yuck...

You learn something new every day.
Kinder Student: Did you know that when you are a really good friend to someone, then you become cousins?