Tuesday, March 1

Christmas in March

It's been like Christmas in my mailbox lately.

First, I got these beautiful post cards from my
sweet, sweet bloggy friend, Jennifer.
She has a gift for piecing words together
to make beautiful pictures.
Aren't they great?

Then later last week I received
these gorgeous cards from Pam Holderman.
So beautiful. Love her work. Love these cards.
Pam has a full page spread in this month's Somerset Studio.

Last, I finally received my copy of Pam Carriker's new book:
Art at the Speed of Life

It is really great.
I'm a little obsessed with art books.
I just like to know how other artists create
the thought process, the physical process, techniques, all of it.
This has so many great ideas for making time for art
in our crazy, busy schedules.
I haven't read it cover to cover,
but so far, so good!


  1. I Love all these great treasures:O) Love Pamelas work too:O)Thanks for sharing:O)

  2. THANK you DEAR dear Erin!
    You are the treasure, sweetie.
    A real jewell.
    Grinning and grateful
    with love and smooches,

  3. I love all this good stuff. I know what you mean about Artbooks! They are great. I just got Pam's book last week.

  4. Oh Erin you made my day. I am home with a chest bug (thank you kiddies) and now a migraine and I lay here contemplating all I am doing and trying to figure out why the migraines are coming alarmingly frequently and feeling like the art thing is all a mystery to me (cause I don't sell anything, but I don't want to change who I am just to get sales right?). And then I stumble on your kind words and it all seems OK. so thank you for that - it means so much. Oh and the Doctor Seus's are priceless. the K's have been walking around school with their red and white striped hats on so I knew it was that time of year...