Saturday, September 8

Hello September!

(Where I sum up the summer in a single post.)
Phew. We made it!

August is CRAZY around here. (This is me shouting.)
Holy cow. I think I get out in front of it,
and then I just get run over by it. every year.
I need to remember that August is about survival.

I go back to school. (I teach first grade)
So getting ready takes all month.
We have 5 big family birthdays.

{Daddy's Birthday}
Jack goes back to school.
New class. New routines. New everything.
It's a month of transition.

{Josh is climbing...}

 {and climbing...}

{and more climbing...}

And it's bleepin' hot. un.relenting.
 I have to just brace myself for it.
Or be smarter about it or something.

Here are some of our August highlights...

Jack turned 4.
seriously. big. boy.

We went to the fire station.

And he got a drum set.
{Thank you Grandma & Grandpa!}

I love this picture. seriously cute.
Jack is obssessed with catching bad guys with his traps.
Josh is obssessed with swiping things. Anything.
He just got my phone and he couldn't be happier.

I'm so glad to be getting back to routine.
back to schedule.
back to normal.

On my nightstand...

This book changed our world this summer.
I have a new child.

I'm rereading this.
It's so good.

I'm starting a Bible Study on this book this fall.
I been in a women's study since before Jack was born and I am so ready for some soul food.

And I'm going to take this online class
Shine Bright
because it sounds like just what I need to jumpstart my creativity

And I met sweet Annie from
Thou Art Exalted
She spotlighted me as the artist of the month right here!
Thank you Annie!

All this to say...
Hello September.          
I think I love you.


  1. Erin your boys are just so beautiful and precious!!
    Here's to easing into new routines!!

  2. Hello, September craziness!!! Erin, I've missed you. Your boys are so big! And cute! I hope your new school year is your best so far. I have quite a crew of second graders this year! ~ Kath

  3. you're adorable:)
    and a busy August
    looks beautiful on you still!

  4. yay you for teaching first grade! (i just dispatched my youngest to first grade this year! :) you elementary teachers are superheroes!!

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